Reusable Plastic Flute

Polycarbonate Plastic 125 ml Flute

Measuring just over 8” tall, there is no need to compromise on quality with our new reusable plastic glassware range.

Measurements are subtly annotated on the glass, along with the CE for the use and sale of alcohol.

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Introducing our new reusable plastic glassware range!

There is no need to compromise on quality with our almost unbreakable, yet classic glass style has functionality both indoors and outside. Compared to other flimsy, reusable glasses, the high-quality polycarbonate plastic in our range creates a sturdy yet elegant shape, whilst still giving the look and feel of glass. Suitable for a vast range of events, including Weddings, Nightclubs, Festivals, Parties, Bars and more! Ensure a safe compromise without lowering quality or style as this range follows health and safety regulations for events.

Partnering with Blue Planet Washing Solutions, we are rolling out our new plastic glassware range as part of our new sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices. These reusable glasses come ready to use, are washed in-house by Blue Planet WS, and have a long wash life

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